Corporate governance for Athens Stock Exchange listed firms

Theognosia Tellidou, Chris Grose, Persefoni Polychronidou, Theodore Kargidis, Stergios Anatolitis


The present paper focuses on the level of compliance and application of corporate governance from the corporations listed in the Athens Stock Exchange (A.S.E.) and attempts to highlight improvements from the adoption of best practices suggested by corporate governance recent trends worldwide. In order for the research to be conducted, a series of qualitative and quantitative variables were used, as derived from the financial statements of 162 public companies. A more extensive analysis regarding the level of compliance with corporate governance was conducted in 25 companies with the highest and 25 corporations with the lowest score, whose classification in these positions was the result of a rating system that was created for this purpose.

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Corporate governance, Greek Code of Corporate Governance, Sarbanes - Oxley Act, Agency Theory, Rating System

JEL Codes

G10, G23