Daniela Popescul, Mircea Georgescu


Nowadays, information flows are powerfully augmented by Social Media. This situation brings along the adjustment of the traditional information security threats to this new environment, as well as the emergence of new characteristic dangers. The purpose of this study is to learn about Generation Y students’ attitude to risks and security measures when using Social Networks (SN). The correct identification of their behavior is, in our opinion, essential for the academic community. Firstly, we need to understand what their real knowledge in the field is. Then, a serious and consistent adaptation of our courses in Information Security and other subjects and a redefinition of universities’ security policies and procedures is necessary. On this basis, in an empirical study, we try to determine how much our students know about security threats and subsequent protection measures in SN. 

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Social Networks; Social Networks use in universities; Social Networks security; Web 2.0 security threats

JEL Codes

L86, M15


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