Elfrida MANOKU, Mimoza KALIA


After the late 1970s the marketing discipline has known a considerable expansion and application not only in private sector but also in public or non-profit sector. Currently the debate is focused on how to better integrate the marketing concept and marketing function into the activities of government organizations as means of increasing the effectiveness of the delivery of public policy and citizens satisfaction. Public marketing is a new concept for the Albanian reality and very slowly is entering into the management approach. The aim of this paper is to evaluate how much is known and accepted the concept of marketing in the Albanian public sector and if this level of acceptance or rejection is reflected in the use of marketing strategies and tactics as instruments of public management.

After a critical review of the literature about the last trends and research in this issue, qualitative methods are used through a case study in General Directorate of Taxation in Albania. In depth semi-structured interviews with several senior directors and officers were conducted to see the level of perceptions and practices thorough the major departments of this Institution. From the analysis of data gathered resulted that marketing is mostly equated with public relations function and was considered unnecessary and as a significant consumer of public funds. A number of recommendations are given on how to build an efficient marketing model for the General Directorate of Taxation in order to help increasing efficiency and quality of service to citizens.

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public marketing, public sector, tax administration, citizen satisfaction

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